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maintain good ventilation

with the consumer market and integrate the advantages of the wall is inseparable.In addition to the aesthetic changes in consumers, And aesthetic love intensified. Integrated wall lighting, and the changes in the industry are closely related .3, green building materials: no radiation, no formaldehyde, fire, water, moisture, odorless, easy to scrub,
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super hardness, stylish, installation Convenience No one can 100 billion years of supermarkets, wall integration of new building materials, the market gradually by many home appliance giants, and gradually start the market integration wall work .2016 home appliance giant integrated into the great moment in the field of the wall. Home
appliance giants strong technical force, skilled and powerful force, as one of the walls laid the foundation for the prosperity.Compared to the general decoration, the artificial cost savings of about 20000 (due to the concept of decoration, different cost savings , This data can not be directly defined.) The product has been approved by  "
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