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The purpose of the wall decoration

The purpose of the wall decoration
The purpose of the wall decoration is to protect the wall and extend its service life. It is necessary to understand the decoration of the wall,composite wood and steel truss so that it can be better decorated to achieve the purpose of decoration. In the construction process, it should be carried out in accordance with the process, and different construction processes need to be aware of the matters needing attention. Here to understand where to pay attention to in different construction.
Renovation wall notices - 裱 wallpaper wall covering 
In the grass-roots processing to ensure clean, smooth and smooth. To make the wall surface damp-proof, the stone coffin in the
coating should be uniform and there should be no difference in thickness. In the treatment of concrete and plastering floors, the walls should be cleaned, scraped putty on the cracks or uneven parts of the wall,pvc boards for sale polished and then put on mud and plaster. 
Renovation Wall Precautions - Facing Wall Decoration
The construction requirement is that the wall surface is flat and no error of more than 10 mm can occur. If there is a large error, a wooden block is added between the wall surface and the keel. According to the height of the wainscot and the size of the
room, the wooden bat bone is nailed.how long does vinyl decking last Installed in the wooden wall skirts, immediately painted the wall surface treatment, brushing oil, to prevent other types of work on the board surface pollution. The wall should be dry after construction. 
Renovation Wall Precautions - Stone Wall Decoration
Natural stone is relatively heavy. In order to ensure safety, a double insurance method is adopted. That is, the sheet metal and the grass roots are tied with copper wire and then cement mortar is poured. The wall construction process should be carried out first, followed by the installation of the basic steel mesh, and then the plate drilling, binding the sheet, filling the slurry, embedding the gap, and finally polishing.
Renovation of the wall is to improve the use of its function, in the actual decoration must be in strict accordance with the construction process, do not appear construction errors. Finding a professional decoration team to complete the renovation will increase the efficiency. If you are decorating the wall,wood plastic composite (wpc) picket fence these precautions cannot be ignored. If there are any problems in the decoration, you can consult with the decoration related knowledge and get solutions.

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