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Chesapeake Bay Lighthouses Are Living Legends Chesapeake Bay Lighthouses Are Living Legends January 8 Troy Polamalu Jersey , 2014 | Author: Marcia Marks | Posted in Education
Early in the 19th century a man by the name of John Donahoo built dozens of lighthouses in an area of the country that needed protection for it’s capital city of Washington. Chesapeake Bay Lighthouses are found on the eastern and western shores in Virginia and Maryland. The Potomac River on the southern shore of Maryland leads to Washington making it a high security area. Today these lighthouses are operated by the U. S. Coast Guard and are owned by local preservation societies and entities.

Cape Charles Light Station on Smith Island in Virginia was built in 1828 and destroyed by Confederate forces in 1862. It was rebuilt in 1864 but erosion got to it. In 1894 another tower was built and it was automated in 1963.

The New and Old Cape Henry Lighthouse Towers in Cape Henry, Virginia memorialize the first settlers in the area. It was built in 1792 and is the bay’s oldest lighthouse. Confederate soldiers destroyed the lantern early in the Civil War. It was considered to be a strategic beacon and was replaced in 1863 complete with a military guard. It was reinforced in 1872 when cracks appeared in the walls at a cost of $125,000. It was the first radio distance find station worldwide in 1929, the light flashes the Morse code “U”.

In the entrance to the Hampton Roads Harbor in 1872 the Thimble Shoals Lighthouse in Hampton Roads, Virginia was built. One stormy night the lighthouse keepers were huddled next to their coal stove trying to keep warm when a boat crashed through the wall. A tugboat was towing a schooner that became loose Terry Bradshaw Jersey , the crash overturned the coal stove igniting oil storage tanks creating an explosion. The lighthouse burned to it’s foundation. A new lighthouse was erected in 1914 and in 1964 it was automated.

In 1892 the Newport News Middleground Lighthouse Newport News, Virginia was built, this area is where the largest Naval base in the states resides with hundreds of ships visiting the harbor. It’s caisson construction is one of the oldest on the bay. A lighthouse keeper lived in it until 1954 when an automated foghorn was installed to strike every 15 seconds every day of the week from September through June.

The New Point Comfort Lighthouse Mobjack Bay in Matthews, Virginia was erected in 1805 and subsequently attacked by Confederate soldiers. An offshore beacon replaced the station in 1963 and restoration of the tower was done in the 1980′s to memorialize the seamen who lost their lives.

In only 10 feet of water in 1883 the Drum Point Lighthouse on the Patuxent River, Maryland was built. As time passed it became land bound and was moved to the Calvert Marine Museum which is two miles up the river and acquired by the Calvert Country Historical Society. It is open to the public.

The historical Chesapeake Bay Lighthouses on the eastern shores of the U. S. Remind us of the vigilance that the men of the country took to keep the shores protected from invasion by the sea. Many of them stand as reminders of days past Lynn Swann Jersey , some have been restored, and some are actually still working and protecting the eastern seaboard to this day as well as protecting boats from crashing during poor visibility from fog and storm conditions.

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Defining The Business Process Improvement Defining The Business Process Improvement March 14, 2014 | Author: Krystal Branch | Posted in Management

A business Process Improvement service is a systematic approach used to help the firms re-structure their existing business operations. When the business is restructured, it can accomplish its important improvement in the production services.

Effective corporation procedure improvement helps the company to generate quality results. Effective method improvement can also help the firm increase its efficiency and customer focus as well. When implementing BPI, it is important to consider the methodologies that can help the companies to reduce their cost of operations as well as the cycle time. It helps in enhancing the customer service delivery to improve the quality of the service products.

It aids in increasing the client services delivery to assure quality of products and services.

The idea of implementing BPI is to help the company reduce its waste and procedures in order to achieve the desired outcome through using the available resources in the most suitable way. The final goal of implementing such ideas is to help the company bring out a drastic change in its performances rather than bringing out the changes in the incremental periods. Since the method of implementing BPI is a project.

All the principles that are related to project management applies accordingly . This ensures that the organization is well organized and well improved without many conflicts arising. In order to achieve this Joe Greene Jersey , there are some steps to be followed. These steps include; defining the current procedure and structure within the organization. I identifying the outcome that would help the company to add value and achieve the objectives of the company to obtain the best way to align the company method in ensuring the outcomes. Reorganizing the company workforce in the organization based on the desired outcomes through various means of the tools that are available for the process of identifying BPI.

The final goal of presenting these concepts in the business is to help the firm move out a big transformation in the enactments as well as getting ready such changes in the improved times. For the reason that the procedure of implementing BPI in the company is just like.

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