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<p>Antique brick floor tiles are also a kind of ceramic tiles. The main difference is on the glaze, and then it is pressed by high temperature. It attracts people's attention with the unique charm of the classic. Through style, pattern and color, it is very suitable for advocating nature and retro. family. What are the characteristics of antique blue brick floor tiles? The appearance of anti-slip and antique bricks completely solves the shortcomings of ordinary floor not slipping. It is directly fired at high temperature, and the wooden thresholds laminate to carpet surface does not need to be polished, thus greatly increasing the friction coefficient. It is not as smooth and flat as other tiles, and the visual effect is more three-dimensional.</p><p> Even if there is water on the ground, it is not easy to slip. Easy-to-clean antique brick floor tiles are made with high-density anti-fouling glaze on the surface, while the ordinary brick surface is directly polished, which can slippery patio tile have the surface made safe Asia-Pacific leads to a long time, the surface will see water seepage, some brands add super clean Technology, but after a few years, it will appear dim and sallow appears. The antique brick floor tiles will not have these problems.</p><p> If they are accidentally spilled like coffee stains, oil stains, etc., cleaning is also very easy and will not leave smudges, and the use will last forever. The color of the visually comfortable antiquewood plastic composite bali  brick is darker than the other tiles. This is because the emulsion is added to the manufacturing process, so the surface looks matte, but it can effectively prevent light pollution. Even under the strong exposure of light or sunlight, there will be no visual pollution, making people's eyes more comfortable. High gloss, surface hardness up to 7 levels, can achieve a magnificent decorative effect. The cultural heritage of the strong antique bricks with a unique charm firmly locked people's eyes, through the style, color, pattern, to create a nostalgic atmosphere. Appeal a cultural charm. Dressing up the room melt ice on composite decking with powerful spatial expression, deeply loved by the literary family.</p>

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