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Multiplying Purposes Web Design And Seo Business Promotion Methods Multiplying Purposes Web Design And Seo Business Promotion Methods July 9, 2013 | Author: Joan Rivera | Posted in Marketing
Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there is an upturn ahead for our economy, and that’s a big problem for small web marketing business owners. No need to panic. Just take advantage of these strategies to learn how to profit from our economic situation.

Celebrities can bring millions of new visits your way. Link a story to a celebrity or get into web marketing business with one. They are usually business and hard to reach but persistence can pay-off in a large way. Just being seen with a celebrity can get your website consulting business highly recognized. Send them a free gift bag to start the conversation.

Consider video traffic as one of the most important methods of promoting yourself online. It gets you instant recognition and there’s no embargo on what and how you project yourselves. Instant notoriety will get you masses of curious customers wanting to know if what you claim is true. Give them no reason to doubt your credibility and see how this promo will hit the target perfectly.

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Always use downtime in a rewarding manner. If web marketing business is slow one day, use that time to clean up, train employees on new methods, etc. By doing so, when business quickens again, you will have all the time to dedicate to working and not find solutions or clearing things up.

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