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The trick to finding the most ideal game ranger courses to suit your needs is to firstly understand what it is about the bush that interests you most. Is it being in direct contact with creatures in their natural habitat or would you prefer to study them in the comfort of your own armchair? This is where many people go wrong and end up looking for game ranger courses when actually they should be seeking field guide courses. The role of a game ranger is certainly not to take groups of individuals around nature reserves, pointing out native creatures and offering information upon their toileting routines, nor is it to fry up the bacon and sausages upon completion of a tour; that is the job of a field ranger!

A game ranger’s job is far more orientated around the management of wildlife areas like national parks and reserves. These people must partake in game ranger courses in order to learn the necessary skills to: repair fencing, count game and prevent poaching. Game rangers operate behind the scenes as opposed to in direct contact with the general public. Some game ranger courses cover both areas of expertise whilst others tailor their framework around the needs of each group of pupils. Decent game ranger courses are hands- on New Orleans Saints Authentic Jersey , interactive and practical rather than paper based theory where knowledge is ingested as opposed to absorbed.

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