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What are the advantages of fake wood floor?

1. Good wear resistance, the wear-resisting revolution of regular imitation wood floor can reach 4000-10000. Good protection, fake wood floor is more anti-impact, anti-flammable, anticorrosive, durable. The Sale Installation Simple Green Floor In Ireland stability is good, copy real wood floor does not produce honest wood floor to wait for often easy to appear hot bilge shrink, structure is unstable problem.
2, diverse and economy, imitation of real wood floor is design and color is rich, in different decorate a style harmonious and unified, fully meet user personalization, prices are lower than real wood floor, reingistic floor belong to the economy. Convenient installation and cost saving. It is easy to install the fake wood flooring method. The level is good, copy real wood floor is comfortable, full of flexibility, assemble gap and flatness is other kind of floor is difficult to compare.
3. Low carbon environmental protection, fake wood floor raw materials mainly adopt artificial speed forest, used "secondary, small, firewood" manufacturing. The national industry department is to ensure the health of the human body, strengthen the original material manufacturer formaldehyde to release the limit, the high quality brand imitation real wood floor is not harmful to human health. The use is convenient, in the bedroom, do not need to change a shoe, no wax, no repeat the brushing, even if tea, fruit juice spills, spattering cigarette butts, objects fall to the ground, dirt dye, gently brush a brush, a tow, both touches the ground if brightness is new.
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