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Mike Vernon Flames Jersey

Russian Visa In Your Pocket – What You Need To Know Now If You Plan A Longer Stay In Russia. The Russian Visa In Your Pocket – What You Need To Know Now If You Plan A Longer Stay In Russia. April 10 Josh Bailey Jersey , 2014 | Author: Michael Haase | Posted in Legal
It is not enough anymore to pay a couple of Rubles and a stamp on a piece of paper to be in possession of a proper registration in Russia. Since January 3rd, 2014 it is a legal crime to be registered in the so-called “virtual flat”. But, you have at least the law on your side if you do not obviously break the rules.

You just have got your work permit and Russian Visa and you are already on the way to Russia, not knowing what hurdle you have to master next. It is the registration of you in Russia. Without proper registration, you will get problems and probably a fine when leaving the country. Usually many visitors of the Russian country try to avoid the pain of making a correct registration. To avoid waiting in queues at local administration offices they use the service of companies, which provide a registration paper fast and uncomplicated for a small fee. The bad news Johnny Boychuk Jersey , you might get in huge trouble by doing so any further.

Legally correct was such a registration never, but it was somehow tolerated. But now, starting from January 3rd, 2014, such a “fictitious registration” is treated as a criminal action and can lead to a fine from 100.000 to 500.000 Rubles (2.000 to 10.000 Euro). People processing such registrations can even be jailed for up to three years. Along with the person who made the fictive registration also the foreigner will be sentenced guilty if it can be proofed that he was aware that the address of registration was wrong.

Simply being registered that doesn’t work anymore since January 3rd, 2014. The registration is still obligatory John Tavares Jersey , however, being not registered has much fewer consequences than being registered on a fictitious address. But it is getting even more complicated: The Russian law about the registration of migrants says that non-registered foreigners even might not be fined at all, at least theoretically.

What is important to know: It is the duty of the receiving side to register a foreign person in Russia. This can be the inviting person or institution. Usually this is the host or landlord as the place of stay factual counts as the decisive criteria. The good point is that you don’t have to go yourselves to the registration office. The landlord should do that. Nowadays the registration can be done easily by public postal service. You are only required to hand over a copy of your passport and migration card you received at the border to Russia to your landlord.

In reality, there had been some cases where people had been sentenced guiltily for registering not correctly even when copies of passport and migration card had been provided to the landlord. And, there also had been cases when people were found innocent in the same matter. It is an unpleasant reality that the legal entitlement and a factual jurisdiction are from time to time far away from each other in Russia. Also, because the landlord is obliged to run the registration of the hosted person you will very often hear at negotiation stage when renting a flat that the flat can be rented only without registration.

But you can do some things to be legally more save in such cases. You need to ensure that you fulfilled your part of the obligation Jean-Francois Berube Jersey , meaning you need to provide your landlord with a copy of passport and migration card. If the landlord refused to accept these documents, you should send it with registered mail with content list and receipt confirmation. You might think this is the best way to get thrown out of your flat. This is a dilemma one has to live with, but there is still the hope on the Russian legal system and with having a legal renting agreement in your hands no one can easily put on the street.

Michael Haase is the owner and Managing Director of RUSCONSULT24. RUSCONSULT24 is a Russia Consulting company. The company is specialized in business consulting and provision of services to foreign companies in Russia. The services include the outsourcing of bookkeeping

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Re: Mike Vernon Flames Jersey

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