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Floor installation precautions

High precision requirements: a, floor installation of floor lock buckle type design and a high degree of accuracy of occlusion Outdoor Floor Exporters Online , which requires the floor base material quality and machinability can reach high precision solid dense and effect.
Floor moistureproof layer processing: the floor must be near the floor of the lock and 4 edge moistureproof layer handles very carefully, so QQ lock body and 4 edge after cutting was tightly sealed, even with moisture or accidental water, as long as the timely processing products will not be affected.The installation can improve the construction speed, and also avoid the process of cleaning the surface glue after construction.
Floor installation notice: the current problem of the floor above 90% is because waterproof do not good, it's important to note that in the process of cleaning, unavoidably mop the floor, water spraying, once the water into the base material, will cause damage to the floor.
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