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encountered the poor floor

Deceive consumers, pull off against consumers, from which to obtain huge profits, disrupting the normal order of the market.They are mostly underground production, pretending to be famous brands PVC FENCE SALE , and forgery of inspection reports.As the decoration encountered the poor floor of Miss Zhou said, she found that the floor has a strange,
pavement is not flat, the floor has been trampled on the floor in less than 3 months, the small front selling floor has already changed to sell tile, can not find people at all.It is said that these unscrupulous vendors are best at guerrilla warfare and increase the difficulty of fighting against the law enforcement department.
Experts suggest that we should buy the floor in the formal building materials market. It is best to choose the famous brand products with large scale and high visibility. Secondly, to see the product specification or test report, compare the performance and price ratio of the product.
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