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environmental protection

For most of the products that do not have a report on the report cheap floor sale , consumers are especially cautious when they are buying.At present, our country has just introduced a new and most advanced high-tech product, which is specially used to treat indoor air pollution, Fu shi jie air catalyst.
Its main component is super-nano-molecules phosphoric acid titanium dioxide , which can produce catalytic reaction (redox reaction) under no light conditions.Produce hydrogen-free radicals with Qiang yang hua li.It is the action of hydrogen-free radical to decompose formaldehyde , benzene, ammonia, radon and organic TVOC (total volatile organic matter) and so on toxic and harmful gases.
Thus play a significant role in antibacterial, anti-pollution, anti-mildew, deodorization and other effects.In addition, the product is not only applicable to the new decoration of the house , the car, furniture, home decoration and so on have the same role.
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