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solid wood floor

In order to avoid moisture, put the material in the indoor ventilation and dry place composite wood deck nonskid plans , away from windows and water sources.If the ventilation environment is good in the home, there is a place where material is placed, can be used to be used to buy the material to return plastic deck board square foot cost ,The material piled up in the warehouse is generally higher, buy back to put in the home to make ventilation and dry, to ensure the maximum quality of the material.
It is important to pay attention to keeping the flat wood floor for the floor of the wood floor, to master the good sense, and leave a certain expansion coefficient for the solid wood floor house fences corrosion resistant pictures .The floor gap is too large or too small will affect the pavement effect, the floor gap is too dense, when the wood floor moisture expansion, will occur the phenomenon of arch deformation.
Pay attention to keep the wall dry to do wall decoration what kind of floor to put on screen porch , grass-roots putty drying treatment is particularly important.Wall should be full of three to four times after the putty to brush paint.

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